Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Girls! Part I


Recently, while my girls took a much need vacay , I gladly volunteered to grand-sit! 

Eagerly I reported for duty, rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath and jumped right

into their busy little lives.  Balancing schedules and routines with domestic duties and

playtime is a big  job! One that I’ve forgotten how to do, but after numerous calls to

“mommy” I got into the groove. Soccer game, birthday party and a Easter egg hunt didn’t

phase me once I figured out how to get Emme to sleep.  In truth I enjoyed it and treasured

the opportunity to love on all of my girls at the same time. Both present and afar.


On Saturday, while Carter enjoyed Ruby’s birthday party at the Kiddie Park, Emme  enjoyed

riding solo for the first time and ate cupcakes while I painted lot’s of cute faces at the party.


Kids are full of energy and non-stop fun but eventually they get tired and rest. During nap

time I tackled laundry, floors and the kitchen sink…knowing how appreciated they would be.


Easter Sunday was a special treat to have lunch and an egg hunt with friends. The girls had


lots of fun and candy. Later they came up with a new rumble tumble game on the trampoline

which kept us laughing for a long time. I took several videos. Now if I can figure out how to

get one on here!Smile


Five days went by quickly and though we had a wonderful time, everyone was happy when

Mom came home!


Beth said...

What a gift mom! You are a much appreciated treasure! I love you!!

bunnytrails said...

Wow! Looks like nonstop fun for Roxie! I know the girls loved having you there...the little ones and the BIG one,too!

José said...

When I look at these kind of articles with kids playing, I always find myself noticing that although you guys live in a country where technology plays a significant role in your society, there's a worry of letting children get in touch with nature, animals, play childhood games and not stay in front of the computer all the time, and, why not, get their hands in the dirt.
Of course that maybe a child living in a big city may not have so many opportunities, but here in Lisbon, one can quicky get into the countryside but even so, children are seldom taken to experience nature.
I also believe that a like of personal interaction between children is leading to a phenomenon where children and especially teans, are losing the ability to relate with each other in a healhty way.

Best regards,