Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Girls!


The coolest thing happened on Beth’s 2nd birthday…her baby sister Kim was born! My sweet momma brought a birthday cake to the hospital and we celebrated in the room. Ever since that day my girls, now beautiful women, have shared their special day. At first it was one big party. Then we had two parties on one day. Then we spread it out with one party on the Saturday before and one on the Saturday after. (Note their cute little brother Clint on the far right, whose always been there for his sisters).


Please don’t ask why little ballerina’s are gathered around a cut out cow. It’s complicated.


Though having their birthday's on the same day has not always been fun, our girls learned to share with each other and have become the best of friends over the years.


These pretty ladies are turning another year older today. What a pleasure it has been to raised them and watch them grow. They have already brought us a lifetime of happiness!


Each different but so amazing, Beth and Kim, bring love and beauty to the world around them. They never cease to amaze their parents who are honored to call them ‘daughter’.


Together they have experienced a lot of life. Childhood, school, team sports, vacations, moving, college, weddings and Beth's childbirth. Life has been full of adventure. I'm so excited and grateful for God’s plans for their lives. He is so good!


Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy Birthday Kim!

I adore you both!


p.s. My cup runneth over!


bunnytrails said...

Just caught up on your past few posts! Gosh, I miss you! Your girls are just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful....just like their momma...inside and out!!

Beth said...

Thanks Mama! Reading this was the perfect way to end my sweet day. I love you so much and couldn't ask for more. XOXO