Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magnolia House....the garden!

With the recent purchase of our lovely home, we acquired not only a great house but also a large wooded lot that backs up to a creek and the most beautiful yard we've ever seen!

I had no earthly idea what I was getting into, but I've jumped in with both feet determined to

keep everything alive! After sixty consecutive days of 100 plus temperatures, I've had some

close calls. Daily watering and weeding, has better acquainted me with the inhabitants of my

garden. I've begun to feel at home a bit. Cutting back here and there. Hiring help to weed and

mulch. Even adding a few shade loving hostas that I found drastically reduced at Lowe's. In

short, this week my garden and I became friends.

You learn a lot while working outside. My nature observations brought to mind this old hymn:

This is my Father's world

And to my listening ears,

All nature sings and round me rings

The music of the spheres.

This is my Fathers world,

I rest me in the thought

Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas,

His hand, the wonders wrought.

This is my Fathers world,

The birds their carols raise,

The morning light, the lily white

Declare their makers praise.

This is my Father's world,

He shines in all that's fair.

In the rustling grass I hear Him pass,

He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world,

Oh let me neer forget

That though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father's world,

The battle is not done.
Jesus, who died, shall be satisfied

And earth and heaven be one.


aimee said...

it can be a hit and miss with plants, but it seems you have hit the nail on the head. it all looks so beautiful! i love to garden too, and Ive had my share of the good and not so good plants :) it is so fun to be in my garden, and yes think about how wonderful His creations are. love the hymn.

Linda Popple said...

Beautiful garden and post!