Friday, June 10, 2011


OK! I have a question for all you friends and followers? Please don't dissappoint me. I need you!

While coach and I are waiting oh, so patiently, to close on our new house on June 21st, I'm plotting and planning paint colors and furniture arrangements and 100 and 1 other details. After three weeks of packing, moving, garage selling, and decorating Mimi and Papa's new home, I'm exhausted! Yesterday I took a day of R & R and found 2 great junk stores yesterday in the downtown area. I was just looking really, when I ran across this:

It is a reproduction Welsh cupboard; 6 1/2 feet tall, 7 feet wide and only 17 inches deep! I got excited about using something like this! Great display possibilities and accessibility, without taking up too much floor space. I have a lot of old white English ironstone platters and plates I'd like to use.

I'm not crazy about the way it looks right now but could quickly see potential. I will definitely knock off the teapot and tea cup cut-outs on the center panel. So, back to my first question. What would you do with this?

I know you have all kinds of ideas, so please tell me!!!

Second question: Would you use it in the kitchen on this wall? We just purchased a 42" antique oak pedestal table to sit under the iron chandelier with four comfortable black rattan chairs w/ boxed linen cushions.

the walls are kind of a pale 'burnt butter'.

Or on this gray wall in the dining room? ( the furniture in the photo is not mine) I will have a long pine table with chairs under the chandelier.

I'd be so grateful for your thoughts and ideas. If you'd like to comment but never have....just click comment, share your thoughts, sign your name and hit 'anonymous'! Thanks so much!


Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

I love that piece! I would paint it! Like a beautiful soft turquoise or Martha Stewart's Palmetto green. Its bold but vintage and soft at the same time!

Angela Elledge said...

It's a beautiful piece and whatever you do it will be wonderful. My first thought was paint it black, your white dishes would jump right out, but I also like a brown (burnt butter), black and white palette. Post pictures when you're finished so we can see the finished results.

Stacey said...

Roxanne, I tried to leave you a message twice yesterday and the darn Blogger just wouldn't cooperate! Thought I'd try again.

Have you seen the chalk paint that so many bloggers are using? If you look at Miss Mustard Seeds blog you'll see lots of it. Many bloggers have used it and sing it's praises.

Can't wait to see how you put your creative touches on your new home.

Pam Mitchell said...

What a super piece. It's a little hard to say which room just looking at the pictures, but if it's not too big in the kitchen, that would be my first choice. When you mentioned the black rattan chairs I immediately thought to paint it black and shabby it up a bit. Your white plates and platters with a pop of color here and there...beautiful! Now if you decide to put it in the dining room, hard call. Depending on how much color you will use in the room...if you need it to be a BIG color like apple green or robin egg blue. Either would be wonderful. Or do you have enough color in the dining room already? Would black be better?
Decorating from afar isn't so easy!!!

winstonbot said...

Ok I am going out on a limb here ... Paint the furniture .. Keep in kitchen .. Paint either edgy gold (lows) or a dirty pumpkin !!!!

maureen said...

Roxanne Did you buy this piece and paint it? Is it posted anywhere on your blog?