Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magnolia House

Finally, we're in our house! It is a beautiful home.....solid and well mantained. In the days ahead I'll be unpacking lot's of boxes and assembling all of the rooms in the house. I'll be taking pictures and sharing my progress. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions along the way.

After closing last Tuesday, Coach and I headed to the house (built in 1970), to begin painting. We had 36 hours to paint before the movers arrived. So I jumped right in and tackled the three large areas. I painted the Family Room, our Master Bedroom and the Entry/ Living/Dining. I finished the last area at 3:00 am of the morning the movers arrived.

The color is Sherwin Williams, Amazing Gray. I had it mixed at the Benjamin Moore store with their brand of paint. Pretty, huh?

After being out of our home since February, move-in day was a big deal. I've had plenty of time to decorate in my mind but it was so exciting to watch the furniture arrive, one piece at a time.

Each additional item adding interest and dimension.

Hanging art and accessorizing put the finishing touches on the room.

Same old furniture in a new setting....makes all the difference.

It was a fun day seeing everything come together.

Beth, drove up for a few days and provided energy and enthusiam. She completely unpacked and organized my kitchen. Encouraging me to let go of all of the excess dishes and decor, in order to better access the essentials. As you might imagine this wasn't easy. In fact it was exhausting but Beth was patient. Explaining her way of thinking and challenging me to change.

She was a tremendous help and inspiration. I'm so grateful, Beth for your help. You made unpacking fun! Thank you so much.

The room has taken on a nice feeling. I'm trying to decide how to describe it.....maybe Modern Country?

I really like the way the wall color turned out. Fresh and airy. Yet, serene.

More rooms to come........


Janice said...

Roxanne: Welcome to Central Texas maybe a little late. So happy you are in your house and getting settled. I know you will make your new place a wonderful home. When Jo Carol comes to visit mother, we need to get together and have lunch.

Stacey said...

I absolutely love it!! Yes, I can feel the modern country/serenity in there. Beautiful!

molly said...

OH my I love it Roxanne! your touches just fit perfectly in your new home! I thought about you all last week and how excited you must be to finally have a home again. Keep it up and enjoy the process!! love you

Linda Popple said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to seeing all the rooms!

Rochelle said...

Oh Roxanne....I love your new place! You are so savvy with your decorating style. Can you come here and help me please! lol.....

Erin said...

The house is beautiful! I am so glad your other house sold and you are getting settled in!

bunnytrails said...

At the moment, we are in Denver and I just had to check your blog....WOW WOW WOW!!!! I love it!! It is so inviting and serene and beautiful!! Love you!! JC

terrybrowder@saylesranch.com said...

The Gray is Fabulous! Great choice!