Monday, February 21, 2011

It's official!

It's been a busy week. The signs are in the yard and the flyers in the tube. Yesterday's 'Open House' was a big success! Over 50 guests and 3 interested parties!
A special thanks to Julie Calk who offered to help greet guest and even brought homemade cookies. Yay, Julie! And I can't forget my darling neighbor Bobbie Brammel. Bobbie and Hal, and Nicco are the precious neighbors that I've been praying for (the house has been empty the past 4 1/2 years)...for years. They bought the house across the street last November. It's too late. I'm already attached. I'm going to miss all my neighbors!!! Love you Boot's and've been a dream come true. Your like family!
Getting ready to sale a house can be quite a chore. Especially when you are a creative soul that can think of a dozen uses for any and everything. Some people would call me a pack rat but my friend Mary hit the nail on the head, when helping pack my studio last Friday. "Boy, Roxanne. When you move in to something, you "MOVE IN"! Yep! That's me. I tend to over do things. You'd think I'd would have learned by now! That after 17 moves I'd own the bare essentials and be a minamalist. For whatever reason, I'm not. However, I'm always hopeful. Thankful for the opportunity that lies before me. My new motto: If I don't 'love' it, don't pack it! It will be a process but I'm looking forward to it, one step at a time.
Yes, I made the sign's...... I'll give them to you if you buy the house!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm moving to Abilene in June. Your house is so cute. Would you mind posting the mls link, or sending it to me? I need 4 bedrooms, so it may be small?? Also, where can I purchase your art? You are so talented, and your home is lovely (I'm a friend of Whitney Johns' so, I'm not a psycho stalker.
Erin Shanks