Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Carter!

There is nothing quite like a grandaughter. So, last week when Carter turned 5, I bee-lined it to San Antonio for her Candyland birthday party! Our sweet daughter Beth and amazing husband Nate went over the top to make Carter's day special!

Candy, candy, everywhere was candy!

Everything was bright and colorful!

From the Castle, to the Carter's Candy Shop...the giant Cupcake Pinata, to the cake and ice cream, there was plenty of fun for everyone.

We sang our hearts out for this adorable little girl, that's stolen our hearts forever!

"Happy Birthday, to you."
Just had to squeeze this in...I love this picture of Emme, Nate and his cute momma, Donna!

For more party ideas and great photos check out Beth and Company! This girl knows how to throw a party!...and I'm pleased as punch!


paperbird said...

these are beautiful images Roxanne- I especially love the second one with Carter's arms held in the air- her sweet dress-the colorful decorations- all so very sweet.

I hope you are well and enjoying these days of Autumn.

aimee said...

what a great party! so many neat ideas :) happy birthday to your grand.