Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Closet Sale

Today, my friend Terrie, is having a fabulous closet sale and your invited!

Here is an invitation....and her business card.

You're going to love her house, but you'll like her even better!

Cute, huh?

Come on in...treasures await.

Inside and out!

A special thanks to Ross Bennett (a great guy), for curbside delivery of Floydada, pumpkins today. He even placed them on the porch for me and had several good ideas, as well! If you'd like some pumpkins for your porch, give Ross a call ... 806-777-5207. He even takes requests if you need something special.


aimee said...

i wish i could go to her closet party sale! i do i do i do!!! darn :(

mary said...

Very cute! I'm so sorry I missed it! I can only imagine all the good things that Terrie has in her closet. By the way, just want you to know that the peach is moving down the blog :)

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