Friday, July 16, 2010

Birds Nest and Roses Workshop

This little chickadee flew away! More likely it drove away. A recent commision, was mailed a few days ago and has arrived in it's new home.
Last week at the Birds Nest and Roses Workshop we tried to coax her into staying. Everyone painted her a nest. There were six very pretty nest's, I might add. She is a stubborn little bird and wanted to build her own nest! After the class finished their nests we went to eat lunch at the Beehive. We walked there and back.

When we returned to the studio we painted pink roses. Here is Natalie, my precious niece, who painted very well. In fact, the entire class did well. I was very impressed!
Regular art classes will begin the first week in August. Keep checking this blog for details.

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Rochelle said...

wish i lived closer so you could teach me how to create these lovelies!