Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...grand girls!

I love these eyes! They belong to my daughter, Beth! ...a beauty, inside and out.

Precious Carter, is all my favorite things rolled into one! A breath of fresh air.

Little Emme, ahh.....what can I say? A scrump-dilly-ump-cious bundle of joy!
Beth, a lovely wife and mom, took her girls for a little 'bluebonnet' photo shoot. They had so much fun romping through the flowers. Beth got some great pictures! Carter (4) took the pic. of Beth! :) If you'd like to see more bluebonnets and babies drop by for a visit.


Holly Bartlett said...

What Beautiful Girls!!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Beauty runs in this family . . really sweet pics!

Carol said...

Beautiful girls & photos!

aimee said...

those eyes are beautiful and so are those babes. i love their names.

Joni said...

Beautiful Pictures!
Little Emme is sure growing.
Love your precious family.
Miss you:)

paperbird said...

Roxanne these are too pretty- I have missed visiting here :)