Monday, April 19, 2010

EASTER BONNET ........12x12....... Acrylic on Canvas......100+ 12 sh. SOLD
After sharing the 'love letter' with you yesterday, I was anxious to paint! It was almost time to teach my art class. So I gathered up my stuff, locked myself out of the house and headed to the truck! ooops!...rewind....I locked myself out of the house and out of the truck! ...bummer! I hate it when that unexpected! But I regrouped...landed on my feet and called Boots! Now I know, that some of you are going to question the fact that I live in Texas and have a friend named Boots but it's true! When she was born her mama named her Beluah (after a wonderful woman...which was so sweet), but some where along the way she became Boots....which suites her well. She is so Precious and so cute! So is her husband, Buddy, who is a big guy who plays the bagpipes and can fix anything, including 'keys locked in your house'. Thank's Buddy! I wish everyone could have friends like Boots and Buddy (but I'm keeping them pretty busy). They are like family, from the first 'hello'!
p.s.Art class went well. Everyone did great and had fun! Easter Bonnet (above) was my teaching demo. I enjoyed painting it with such a great group of girls! Who, by the way, are becoming pretty good painters! We missed you Jo Carol and Jo Ann! ...another class tonight....can't wait!
Though cloudy and rainy, I'm signing off....
Blue skies to each of you today!


courtney said...

so pretty!!

delighted heart said...

The bluebonnets have been extra pretty this year and your painting is gorgeous! have you considered doing a "weekend" painting seminar? Maybe a couple of classes incorporated with a fabulous shopping trip and throw in a great place to eat with accommendations at the Guesthouses? I'm game!

Roxanne said...

Patti! I'd love to! When did you have in mind? Would you bring friends interested in the same? Email me at, if you'd like....

A couple of friends and I are just beginning to plan such a thing for the fall! Doesn't it sound like so much fun! So you have affirmed our plans!

I've missed you!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Wait, Beth is your daughter. You don't look old enough to have a daughter her age, seriously! She is so talented, as are you! :) Thanks so much for the lovely compliments on my blog too!

aimee said...

what a beautiful painting :) i just love visiting. congrats to the winner of your wonderful painting.