Monday, April 13, 2009

West Texas Landscapes...coming right up!

Now that the 'Home Makeover' is done. It's time to paint again!

In the livng room there are 4 frames hanging on the wall, below. I bought them awhile back simply for the frames with plans of someday, filling them with my own art!

Well, two weeks ago I got finally got started on a series of west Texas landscapes.

This first painting depicts a much needed thunderstorm rolling in over a cotton crop. In this region of the country, draught is a constant foe, so when the heavens open and rain pours, the farmer whispers a word of thanks and acknowledges...

His Reign

Last week I started painting the second one. I snapped a picture and thought it was finished but when I studied the photograph, I could see it was not! So it waits patiently on the easel. I will finish it tomorrow but I want to go ahead and show you. I'll post another photo when it's complete.I'm really enjoying painting these landscapes. There is something powerful about quiet simplicity.

update 4/16

OK , I'm frustrated! I'm having lighting issues today. I've been inside, outside, flash and no flash and taken and downloaded it 3 times with no improvement) Nothing about this painting changed from the first photo but the fore ground which now looks less puffy and perfect. Everything else is the same. I love it in person...but not in this photo. Don't you just hate it when people whine?

On a better note... here is the painting from yesterday. The fore ground was T-r-i-c-k-y!


mary said...

These are incredible! Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow.

PS Where is "The Farm" ?

Beth said...


Terry Browder said...

Looks like your hand is catching up with your heart! Very nice...

Roxanne said...

Thank you friends, you encouragement is much appreciated.