Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny Farm!

This year our family reunion, held annually on Easter weekend was down at the Farm. Which was a little confusing considering no one in the family has a farm. To make matters worse, Google disclosed 'the Farm' was located @ 914 Shady Lane, Austin Texas, 3 miles east of downtown. ...mmmmm? However, I am pleased to report that upon arrival we did find fresh flowers, crockery, chickens, vegetable garden, barbeque, watermelon, lot's of dogs, country music, wild critters,and a lot of friendly faces.

However there were a few differences. Like this big sign. Which invites the public to pick there wn vegetables.Sprouting plants! Growing crops! I mean flowers...and vegetables!

But please don't smoke near the tomatoes. Apparently it's not good for them...something about a virus. Sounds like the tomatoes are trying to send a 'public service annoucement'! That's them all wrapped up behind the live scarecrow! Frankly,I think they're a little embarrassed.
Coming up next! Crop painting....not to be confused with crop dusting. I'm currently painting # 2 in a series of cotton fields. I'm discovering the powerful beauty of simplicity. I'm not sure how many I will paint but the best 4 will hang in our home. Maybe you will help me decide?


Beth said...

Hey Mom, thanks for sharing all the pictures...wish we could have been there...I hate feeling left out....but maybe next Easter we'll be Texans again!! :)

Adam said...
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lyndsay said...

Looks like a load of Fun! I adore your new blog header. I also have to say you have done a wonderful job with the concept of de-cluttering. All the pictures you took of your house were beautiful and I want to come visit.

Roxanne said...

Lyndsay! Thank you sweet girl! As Beth can atest, I'm running a decent B & B, and because you are one of my favorites you have an open invitation to visit anytime! I promise I'll spoil you and we'll have a great time! Please come!While I'm thinking about...aren't you missing Texas?

Kim said...

It has been quite sometime since you have posted something crazy.... maybe too long. Are you simmerin' down, becoming... well... normal? I sure hope not. See you in two days, and I'm riding my vespa and bringing griffin (on the vespa.. in a bird cage).