Monday, August 25, 2008


It's football season! I live in TEXAS and I'm a coach's wife. I do a lot of cheering! Seriously!

How can I possibly explain this? Most of you who visit my blog will understand because you are from Texas or grew up here and you....and well, you know what I'm talking about! There's nothing quite like Texas high school football. It's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, where it is common to find multi-million dollar stadiums with jumbo Teletron scoreboards and 10,000 plus screaming fans ( this happens to be Beth...with blue false eyelashes and Carter w/a rubber 'eagle'...tar'd & feathered),
on Friday nights in every city dotted throughout the state. It's BIG! It's CRAZY! It's TEXAS Football!!! So what's it like to love a football coach? It is breath taking, hair raising and foot stomping!
It's the most thrilling, frightening roller coaster ride you can imagine. ..and lonely...oh, I can't forget the lonely. Five months out of the year, a Texas high school football coach works an average of 110 hours a week and that's not including the extra hours spent traveling to out of town games! This year our team will drive: a 2 hour drive to San Angelo, 2 hours to Big Spring, 2 1/2 hours to Odessa, 2:45 min.'s to Lubbock, 3 1/2 hour's to Garland and 4 hours to Planview ...and that's just one way! After each nail biting competition we have to turn around and drive back home. CRAZY! Sometimes they don't get home until 2:00 in the morning and even though they are absolutely EXHAUSTED they can't sleep because their on a adrenalin high and already plotting and planning their next opponent or they lay in torment, 'fitfully' replaying every play that led to their defeat. Which feels similar to lying in bed next to someone who is wrestling a large alligator! Neither provides much opportunity for rest but winning is 100 times better than losing. Losing, is to a coach...death. It's the worst.

Anyway, our pre-season games began 2 weeks ago and we're off to a great start. Our first game was against Ft. Worth O. D Wyatt. the final score was Abilene Cooper -33, O. D. Wyatt- 0.

Last Friday we won again, Abilene Cooper Cougars - 42, Saginaw Boswell Pioneers - 21. It was a fabulous game! Great team work! Things look promising!!!

This week we play our cross town rivals, Abilene High Eagles. Our schools have been playing for the past 47 years.

The over-all record is : Abilene Cooper 30 wins

Abilene High 16 wins

& 1 tie

The Eagles have won the last 4 years but the Cougars are ready to change that! AHS is ranked 5th in 5A. CHS Is ranked 3rd in 4A. It is sure to be a match! Stay tuned for the results which I'll post early Saturday morning.


Anyway, I've said all of the above to say football is serious business in Texas, and my coach and his staff of 15 coaches, take seriously their roles and the responsibility that has been given to them to teach young men all about life
through the game of football. Frequently, like Trey (above) players grow up and become coaches! I am so proud of all of them. They love these kids and are making a big difference in their lives. From top to bottom they are a team of Champions!

To read more detailed hype go to Oh, did I mention that it is not uncommon to find a huge crowd at this game? .....15,000 or so!

P.S. Coaches wives have lots of time to make crafts! (We are clever lot! Very resourceful..making a lot out of a little, wearing many hats, juggling husbands, children, finances, schedules, repairs, homework, responsibilities and relationships,all on a 'shoe-string' budget)
These are tall skinny candles in jars, decoupaged with colored copies I designed with various paper elements. Just hollar if you need more info!


Michelle said...

This is your busy time of the year Ms. Roxanne! Football IS GINORMOUS in Texas! WILD! Everything stops for Friday night highschool football! I loved your post!

lyndsay said...

Hey Roxy, I am so glad to see you back in cyber space. I love this post, I know that it takes a unique person to be a coaches wife and you have grabbed that bull by it's horns and taken that role in full force. You inspire me.I love all the vintage pics. I think you should post the cheerleading pics of you in highschool. that is one of my all time favorites.

B E T H said...

mom, you are too cute! love the post! i didn't realize ya'll played abilene high this week...guess that will be going on at the same time as my "big game" carter's 3rd b-day party! :) i second lyndsays request for your cheerleading pics!!

Jo Carol said...

Hi Roxanne! Loved your football post! What an exciting time of year. Mark and I must come to some games this fall!! We are rooting for Cooper this weekend! Go Cougs!

mary said...

You must be the perfect coach's wife! I bet if we saw your highschool cheerleading pictures, we'd know for sure!

lynnette said...

I love the new layout. It is really cute and more like you. Congrats on the the team wins and we will continue to pull for you. As for the cheerleader pics, I can think of the perfect one. Think...kneeling with arms in the air like goal posts. It would be lovely. Have great day. Love, lynnette