Thursday, June 26, 2008


After a good nights sleep, we enjoyed hot coffee out on the 'chilly' deck....overlooking the river. The fabulous mountain home, 'Coach' found on the Internet, surpassed all expectations! Warmed by blankets and coffee we began to relax, letting all of our cares wash right down the river.

After a long winter and slow warming trends, the Arkansas river is running high. Because the water is expected to continue rising, everyone decided to go rafting on the 1st day. Donned in wet suits and life jackets everyone jumped in one raft down at Noah's Ark.

..... notice the excellent and stoic posture of Coach!

Oh! .....there's the boat!!!

WOW!!! that water freezing or what?

As you can see the trip was wet!

........and woolly!!!

and before it got got worse.

What a ride! So much fun!!! As you can tell everyone had a blast! ............Well almost everyone. Our daughter Beth, (riding in front of Coach) found it all a bit too much! You might want to run through the pictures again and check out the expressions on her face!

Read her account of the trip at

Check back Wednesday, when we set out in search of finding the nearby Saint Agnes Vaille Falls.

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B E T H said...

Thanks Mom! Leave it to you family to keep you humble :) My mom's humble to and forgot to mention that the reason she's missing from the photo's is because she unselfishly watched Carter so that I could go rafting! I love you mom...thanks for a thrilling adventure! :)