Monday, May 11, 2015

Camp Contentment - The Master Bedroom



This bedroom, originally two, makes

a lovely master.




Five long windows, vintage white oak

flooring, sanded and coated with

polyurethane and dark grey walls

create a lovely  backdrop.




Our room is my favorite place in the

house. It is spacious and full of light.




The perfect place to rest and relax…




and surround ourselves with  family

photos, sentimental memotos that

tell our story and take us back  to the

beginning (like the valentine card

Coach gave me in high school:)





The windows are draped with long

white (Merete –$36 pair) panels from

Ikea. I removed the grommets, sewed

on wooden rings painted with Modern

Masters gold and hung on matching

wooden poles, found at Lowes.





This antique piece, once a buffet,  now

fitted with shelves and baskets , works

as a dresser of sorts.





The opening  above, was enlarged

during the fire renovation. I’m still

amazed how small changes can make

a big difference.





Another example………




Before the fire, there was a door

behind the chest above. Removing

and replacing with drywall turned an

awkward floor plan into two private




The master bath was gutted and re-

configured in an amazing way! We are

stilled wowed! by the change.



Original art by our precious gran-

daughters, Carter and Emerson, are

proudly displayed.




This area, once and old closet, gave way

to an enlarged shower and a built-in

hamper and shelves.

The almost black walls are painted with

Behr, Cracked Pepper. A lovely contrast

with white woodwork. Dark colors can

be tricky, but are really nice when a room

has a lot of natural light.







The distressed iron headboard was

purchased new. I piled on layers

of white paint, in various shades and

then rubbed it off, wipe on and off

a little min wax stain and seal to make

it look old.

Burlap dust ruffle is available at

Ballard Design.




I’m still trying to decide what to hang

above the bed?





I’m enjoying all the neutral colors!

Though unintentional

everything looks pulled together.



One last thing I wanted to mention, is

when you have a big flat screen and

do want it to be the focal point, a dark

color on the walls will make it disappear.







Stacey said...

You are so talented!

denise8689 said...

Can you give a little more info about removing the grommets? Were they the metal ones, and you just cut off the fabric where the holes were? Also, a little more info about redoing your bed frame? Did you let the paint dry much between coats or just paint on and wipe off? Was it chalk paint or latex paint? Thank you SO MUCH for this blog post. One of the most beautiful master bedrooms I have ever seen. Very much my taste. Congratulations on your beautiful room.

Roxanne said...

Thank you, Stacey! You are always so encouraging! And I really appreciate you.

Hi, Denise! Thank you, too! Concerning the grommets: they were the large metal type I simply cut off that whole strip of fabric, and turned the raw edge under, evenly spaced out the wooden rings and said them by hand. Note: if you don't have a sewing machine you can use stitch witchery an iron on tape or there is a wonderful glue, Called Fabri – Tac!
The distressed look on the bed was achieved by painting on several coats of paint and The distressed look on the bed was achieved by painting on several coats of paint and. Letting it dry. I used flat latex… I think it was even old and a little thick. I used a rag, scrunched up plastic bag, paper etc.
. I used a rag, scrunched up plastic bag, paper… Etc. when the paint was dry I began scraping it off with a putty knife, steel wool, sandpaper. when the paint was dry I began scraping it off with a putty knife, steel wool, sandpaper. I wanted a very distressed look so I went a little crazy here heavier in some areas than others

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I miss you girl! Your talent always amazes me...thanks for sharing your beautiful home and tips on how you did it all.

Red Wood Creations said...

Excellent Greg. Good, practical stuff. I just floated your article around my network. Keep up the good work.

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