Monday, February 16, 2015

Better Than Ever!



Slowly but surely, things are coming

together around here!


After moving back into Camp Contentment

last October (for the second time in a year

due to a house fire), we celebrated Thanks-

giving, a dream football season ( played in

AT&T Stadium-for the State Championship),

a fun Christmas vacation!



Back home with the decorations all packed

away, I sat down, put my feet up and

reflected on all the good things God is

doing in our lives.


Over the next two weeks,

finished or not, I’ll show you the entire

house and share plans of future ideas….


1 comment:

Electic Earlene said...

Can't wait to see the house. We moved to Bryan several years ago from Salado and bought a older house (built in the 60's) we have been working on it slowly. Up until this summer all we had really done was painting and some work in the yard. We pulled out all the stops this year had all the wood floors stripped and refinished - two bathrooms updated - one bathroom gutted - kitchen & utility room totally gutted and redone. I'm having such a hard time finishing up some odds and ends -for now I think I will just finish my income tax - see what is going on in your house and give mine a break for awhile. Beth and little Cash looked so adorable - we have such good memories of Beth & Nathan in Salado. Looking forward to your next post -- Earlene