Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy to be Home!

Just a quick update! We are back home!!! It's wonderful, to say the least! Things were unpacked and almost settled when the babies arrived! Clint and Jenny, had a beautiful girl, they named Jade! And Beth and Nate, had a little boy! They named him Cash! Oh! and Kim and Bryan's, little man, Michael Thomas, is 9 months old! Last February, we had 2 grandchildren....and now we have 5!!! (and one more on the way.... :)
We are so grateful for the new additions to our family! I will post pics soon! We've almost had the most exciting football season! Our favorite team, the Temple Wildcats has one the 17-5A District Championship! With 64 other Texas High Schools, we head into the Playoffs, this Friday night at Texas State University! Wow! What an exciting time of life!

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