Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Camp Contentment–a hot mess!



It is amazing how life as we know it can quickly change. One minute you at Sam’s Club

with the in-laws, watching them buy Folgers coffee and cherry turnovers, and then

you’re zooming home because your neighbor called and said, “Your house is on fire”!


It’s been 2 1/2 months since I rounded the corner, ran a block to see our sweet little

house. Surrounded by a sea of fire  trucks and rescue vehicles, Coach and I stood on the

front lawn, in shock. Listening to the first responders explain what had happened. As

God would have it, Josh Taube, driving by and admiring the neighborhood, called 911.

He also notified my lovely neighbor Becca (5 months pregnant) who was the first

to call me and together,  they ran over to our burning house to find our dogs. Becca

unlocked the front door (which saved it from the fireman’s axe and Josh  rescued our

two miniature Schnauzers, Mitzy and Abbey, from the backyard.


The aftermath is a bit hazy. Neighbors came to console and offering lodging. Some,

rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Amazing Lori, ran home and returned

with her son Blake and his college room mate, broom and trashbags. Quickly they

uncovered soggy debris from the wood floors and moved antique furniture out from

under the dripping ceiling.





Debbie and Bobby Moore, stopped by and joined in on the clean up …..they even

gave me a flashlight. Since the electrical service was quickly removed, the house

grew dark as the sun set. Just as I was leaving, a truck pulled into the driveway and

out jumped Mary Nash and Steve Walker. They had heard the news and drove  30

minutes back into town to check on us and insist we stay at their barndiminium.


Though the damage could have been far worse (there was no irreplaceable loss) we

were left feeling a bit shocked yet, at the same time so grateful and protected. Thank

God for good insurance that will rebuild and replace everything.


For six weeks, we lived at a Residence Inn. Which was a nice place to stay but the

walls began to close in on us, so we finally and oh, so gladly accepted the Walkers

offer to live at Reklaw Ranch.




Ahhhh! Reklaw Ranch!!! To be out in the open, surrounded by big skies and gentle

breezes was good medicine!




Sitting on the huge front porch, drinking coffee and soaking up the beauty has become

a daily ritual. We love the silence… and our neighbors, Pearcy and Pearl.


reklaw 002


Best of all, however, is living next door to these amazing people. Dr. Steve and

Mary Nash Walker!


reklaw 001


There aren’t enough good words to describe this warm, inviting, fun, clever, talented,

hard working, compassionate, loving, encouraging and generous couple. Living

near them on their beautiful ranch has truly been a breath of fresh air! Coach and I

will be forever grateful for the kindness they have displayed. May we never forget.





Next up: Rebuilding Camp Contentment!


Stacey said...

Oh no Roxanne! I wondered where you had disappeared to. I'm so sorry your Camp Contentment is damaged. You have such a positive attitude though, I know things will be ok. Thinking of you!


Electic Earlene said...

Roxanne I had been worried about you - thought about asking Beth and Nathan what was going on but decided you were busy with new baby and helping Beth get ready for #3. I guess you will just have to start the HUNT for some new treasures. I have been in the middle of a total Kitchen overhaul and 3 bathrooms, I have been so sick of the mess reading about your "Hot Mess" makes me count my blessings.Keep us up dated on how your doing. Earlene