Friday, May 18, 2012

NYC - A Mother’s Day I’ll never forget!

At 4:00 am, last Friday morning with only 2 hours of sleep, Coach and I quickly

dressed, threw our bags in the truck and headed to the airport! To say we were

excited would be an understatement! We’re talking about the Santa Claus is coming or

we’re going to Disney World, kind of excitement! Something you rarely experience as

a grown up. Flying to NYC to join our family and friends for a weekend of fun was

sweet enough! But add in the fact that we would be watching our daughter Kim

compete for the title of Lone Survivor, in the live finale of Survivor One World

put this trip right up there with going to the moon!


Almost to the airport, our in house travel agents Beth and Nate, informed us that our AA

flight had been cancelled and quickly got busy reconnecting us. What a way to travel!

With hours to wait,  we busied ourselves with things at hand. Coach watched spring training

film and I helped friend Lyndsay. decorate her new place via text and magazine pics.



Once we arrived and got all of our luggage, we jumped in a taxi and headed to the hotel.


Upon arrival we headed upstairs to our rooms, passing ‘Troyzan’ on the way to the elevators.Smile

After a brief visit, we headed back downstairs to eat dinner where we ran into Chelsea, Kat,

Troy, Colton and Jay! It was so fun! I was too excited!


It was crazy meeting these people who we’ve spent every Wednesday evening watching

since February, for the first time. Though they didn’t know me from Adam, I couldn’t help

but wave enthusiastically, give hugs and say, “Hi ______! I’m Kim’s mom!


Out on the streets, in search of dinner and wowed by the cityscape, we made our way to

Azalea for delicious food and delightful company!


I love this goofy grin on Kim’s face! It brings back a  flood of fun memories. She is quite the entertainer!

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Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

I thought about you guys often during the events and know you'll treasure those once-in-a-lifetime memories forever!