Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Blue Yonder

Wow! Have things been exciting around here! Coach and his Cooper Cougars are District Champs and head into week 1 of the Playoffs this Friday. We are so excited! It's six short weeks of championship football to be State Champs. I hope you'll be rootin' for us!
Some exciting things have been happening in my studio as well. I've sold seventeen paintings in the past few weeks. I've also been able to paint a lot and I'm encouraged by the improvement. Today, I painted this oil. It's 4 x 3 ft. It' s one of my favorites to date. This iPhone photo doesn't do it justice but it will have to do for now. I can hardly wait to get back down to the studio and see it. Really good.
I love the big skies of West Texas! Everything is so wide open, the sky just goes on and on. Here's is the entire painting.
Wild Blue Yonder...4 x 3.....oil..... contact
Thanks for stopping by.


Terry Browder, said...

Big is Better, Roxanne! Keep painting BIG!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Roxanne (and Coach)!... Thank "You" for visiting my blog site... and for your good "Cheer"!!

One is never too old to cheer.. to give cheer... or to remember!

I enjoyed my visit thoroughly ... and being an avid grid iron warrior in highschool... I enjoyed your "play-by-play" account of the Cougar success!WOW!!!

Seems like Coach knows how to pick his plays...his players... and his cheerleading squad! HAHA!!

Many blessings!
Warme regards,

Angela Elledge said...

Had to come in and see this one again from our other blog, really love this painting, especially the blue streaks breaking up the grass!

jan said...

Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on my blog today. Your art is a gift from God indeed! :) I was given a blogger friendship baton recently and have passed it on to 10 other bloggers to include you. Come and take a peek (kinda fun) I have linked your site so others can see your beautiful artwork and enjoy your blog as well. God Bless! ~ Jan

Linda Popple said...

Had to stop by and say congratulations to you and Coach! LOVE your big painting!! :-)

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Hi Roxanne! I think I'm going to have to copy this painting for my sky challenge! We've had absolutely no sky in San Antonio for a week--it's either all gray or all blue. :-( This is a very beautiful painting--love the composition and the contrast between the delicacy of the sky and clouds and the meatier strokes for the land. Gorgeous!

Susan said...

Seventeen paintings! Woo hoo, girl!! Good job. Also, how about those Coogs! So happy for all of you.

julia Kulish/ Art Speaking said...

I just stumbled across your blog and so glad that I did. Your paintings are gorgous! Love your skies! Looking forward to seeing more.