Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...Joshua 24:15 Art Giveaway!

Hey sweet Mama's! With Mother's Day upon us, I want to celebrate "the love" with another giveaway! But first of all, I want to say something that doesn't always get said. Something all you ladies need to hear! Thank you for being a mother! Thank you for loving and caring, protecting and sharing. Thank you for cleaning, cooking, reading, teaching, laughing, disciplining, bathing, buying, driving, comforting,coaching,nursing, hugging, dressing, brushing, tying, playing, walking, riding, throwing, skipping, dancing, fishing and countless more. Thank you for modeling grace and goodness, unconditional love and forgiveness. Thank you, for living a transparent life that will equip your children to do the same. Mothering, much like childbirth, isn't easy, but the joy far outweighs the pain ...and the end result is priceless!

So celebrate with me, the difference you are making in the precious lives around you. Resolve to be your best. Find help, strength, hope, wisdom, forgiveness and everything you need, at the feet of Jesus. God knows everything whether you tell Him or not, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns with Him. Turn your worries into prayers. He will release His power and His peace to flow throughout your heart, soul and mind. Kind of like an 'inner' spa, working from the inside out.

I know, it may sound too good to be true but I'm speaking from personal experience, here! I've had three little ones, a hard working husband, a tight budget and frequent
'pack up and' move's! Each difficult in itself, but my greatest challenge came from the heavy burdens I carried in my heart! Invisible baggage! Which you know can be tricky stuff. I would attempt to unload it on my husband........ and take out my frustrations on my kids. With no where else to turn, I tried God. It was there, in the arms of His love, that I found all I needed. One day at a time. He made such a difference that I invited Him to move in! Into my house, my heart, my mind, my soul. My past, my present, my future. He's the first one I talk to each morning and the last one I talk to at night. I don't go anywhere without Him! ...and it doesn't bother my husband or kids, one bit! In fact, after they saw the changes He made in me, they grew to love Him as well!

Again, celebrate the love, that flows through a mother's heart! His love! ...and only God knows
the difference it will make.

If you'd like to enter the GIVEAWAY
and have an opportunity to hang a custom, hand painted Joshua 24:15 painting, in your home.

*Leave a comment, in response to message above. Just share a thought or two! That's it!

*If you want to double you chance's, mention the giveaway on your blog and share the link!
Be sure and let me know!

I'm so excited to share this powerful scripture, in an artful way and look forward to collaborating with the winner so that it's extra special for you! The deadline is next Saturday, May 8th, at 10:30 pm. The winner will be announced before Midnight.

Have a lovely week.

Blessings and hugs to all!


Susan said...

Oh WOW! As soon as I saw your giveaway, I jumped right on it! This is such a great piece of art! Beautiful and a beautiful message too. Would love to hang it in our home!

Stacey said...

Roxanne, my boys are 20 and 18. Being their mother has been the best thing in my life. I wouldn't trade one moment now or in the future. It's definitely not always easy to so worth it!

You are so sweet to give away one of your amazing messages. I love that you included Scripture on it. I will post on my blog about it!

aimee said...

what a beautiful painting! true a house is only a house,but a house with the Lord living in it is a home :) thank you for all of the kind words in your post!

Rochelle said...

Thank you for your beautiful words...words spoken of truth from the father which flows through you!
Another great giveaway...from a great artist - isn't it amazing the gifts that the Lord gives us?!
I know this painting would look great hanging on my wall in my house - hint - hint - wink - wink!
Rochelle's noted on my blog too!

Alison said...

I have two boys, 3 1/2 and 5 1/2, being a mom is the best job in the world but also one of the hardest. I have always believed in the Lord but I really didn't feel a close relationship with him until my children were born. I just came from a weekend at Women of Faith and my relationship with the Lord was just increased to such an amazing level. The way He loves is truly amazing!

Michelle said...

Of course I'd love to win, it's a beautiful piece, even more, a beautiful message.
Here are some of my thoughts:
With the kids, the days are sure long sometimes, but the years are very fast! I always hear that dishes and laundry will always be there, but your kids are only this age once.
I too talk to God first thing in the morning, all through the day, and the last person I talk to at night. He keeps me calm.
People often ask me "how do you do it?" In reguards to the kids and especially Austin with his special needs. I can only answer that it has to be God that gets me through it.
When something goes wrong, I always say," If this is the worse thing that happens to day,it'll be alright!"
You are never alone! Ever!
And one last thing that may help moms. I heard this morning, "you don't have to put on a performance for God."He loves you know matter what!"
Thank you Mrs. Roxanne for this wonderful post!
Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Ok Roxanne, I'm going to try this again . . I so want one of your pieces. Really pretty creations and I love how your paintings are faith inspired. How we honor God is so important in our lives . . My three kids made me who I am today, weren't have any other way, it's been the best! Thanks again and blessings, Sandy:O)

paperbird said...

Beautiful post Roxanne. Being a Mother has been the most amazing blessing in my life and without the love of a kind and loving Heavenly Father I would have never-EVER been able to do it.

Colleen said...

I love your creation! I am getting married in October, and we will be redecorating the master bedroom in the fall. Blues and browns will be prominent colours in the design. I can't think of a better painting for our master bedroom.


Whosyergurl said...

Roxanne, that is one of my favorite scriptures...and I love bird's nests. I do art with stamps and have several that are birds and several that are nests. And, just got a new stamp that has both!
My children are 27 & 22...Bradley will graduate from Indiana University on Sat., May 8. :-)
My nest is getting more and more empty. Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

Janice said...

I love the painting and the artist is no sham either.... You blow my mind with your creativity....

winstonbot said...

thanks for all the inspiration and help last weekend...we are still really perplexed on the paint color for the inside...I feel like I need to just draw out of a hat...
its like its a matter of life or death...really ??? this is crazy...hope to see you thursday

Anonymous said...

Love it and how fun that the painting featured is for someone I know! Everytime I look at ours, I think of you!
I told my sister to go look at it...

Jessica said...

What beautiful have me in tears. More is caught than taught with our children and each of your kids is proof that you live out every word that you wrote here. Thanks for being such a great encouragement to all of us moms! Happy Mother's Day and I will link this post to my blog tomorrow!!

bunnytrails said...

Hi Friend! I love your painting and your sweet works regarding mothers....I so love being one and miss my girls a bunch. The painting is wonderful (as usual) and I would LOVE to have it in my little world. Love you sweet friend and have so enjoyed being with you the past couple of days!!!

Joni said...

Love it and YOU!!

You always have the best advise. It was always so nice to talk to someone who had been in "my shoes" before.

Beautiful messages Ms. Roxanne:)

Ann Humphreys said...

I just found your blog and think I figured out how to join it! It is so encouraging to read your words of wisdom, and see how much God has used you and "grown" you over the years! I love and miss you so much! I would love to have one of your "As for me and my house ..." paintings! I have a sign on my froont door that says "This House Believes." I got it one Christmas, but I thought it was perfect to leave up all year! Love, Ann