Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where's Christmas?

Little Miss 'C' has come to town and we're looking for some Christmas fun! Here's a great idea especially if you live near pine trees! Dip pine cones into thinned down paint (any color will do) and sprinkle with glitter. Display in an a fancy apothocary jar, a big bowl, hang on a tree or fashion into a garland.
What a quick inexpensive way to get that 'winter wonderland' look! ...Speaking of which, check out the magic that occured in the bottom of a bowl water at my art class last Tuesday. Can you see it?
Tonight we're going up in the attic to begin to bring down the decorations but before we get started we're heading out for a little lunch , shopping and decorating inspiration. Carter is ready to go with her team of reindeer!

I LOVE vintage everything!!! So, while we're out gather goodies and preparing for the 'decorating party' this afternoon. I'll leave you with pics of a few of my favorite things...taken recently!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the neighborhood....

More decorating....coming soon!


Rochelle said...

Loving all those vintage goodies! Happy "decking the halls" with your granddaughter!

Channa said...

Very fun! I love your ideas!

paperbird said...

Very cool banner Roxanne. I have missed my visits here. I see that you are doing the things that make this season so sweet. Your Granddaughter is precious!