Monday, October 26, 2009

Just ran across these amazing pumpkins at and knew you'd enjoy them too! Stroll through the pages of this lovely blog and you'll feel like you've spent an afternoon in the country.

You'll even find step by step instructions on how to make this Feedsack Scarecrow.

I'm not entirely sure about the process used to create these engraved pumpkins,

but I think while the pumpkin is still on the vine, a steady and artistic hand scratches a word into the flesh. Then as the pumpkin continues to grow, a

protective scabbing occurs which creates the embossed effect.

I can hardly wait to try this next year. Never mind that I don't live on a farm and have never grown pumpkins....I can try can't I?

Woo! $17 dollars! Even more incentive...

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying Autumn... and all that comes with the changing of this beautiful season.

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Kayce said...

Those are some awesome pumpkins!! I can't wait to see how yours turn out!! And the vine is beautiful!

Rochelle said...

I'm with you on that! I just love the engraved pumpkins too! For my sisters wedding this past month my dad grew all the pumpkins for the event and engraved one with the bride and groom's name on it with a heart - so cute!
Have a great autumn!

delighted heart said...

Love 'em! Saw some last year and had the intentions of trying to grow some this year but it totally slipped my mind. Well, there's always next year! (I've never grown pumpkins either! LOL Let's both try!) I love autumn!

The Fryar's said...

Thoase are amazing! What a unique idea!

Kayce said...

I have never seen the vine (that I remember) but the next time I walk on the Appalachian Trail I will be on the look out for it. And, I am working on catching up on my blog!! :)