Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Excuse me while I yawn! Like Sleeping Beauty, I've been lost in deep sleep. Covered with cobwebs and unable to blog about anything...and to make matters worse, I didn't care. Complacency moved in, unpacked and wouldn't leave. Maybe you will excuse me and say, 'perhaps it's been an uneventful winter?', 'or you've been hibernating in quiet seclusion?' NOT! Not even! For heaven's sake, we've just gone through the Christmas season...one of the busiest times of the year!!! I've been surrounded with fun, family, friends, festivity and a frenzy of activities. It was a wonderful holiday. Eventful and memorable. Still, I was stuck.

Then it came to me. Kind of slow and subtle, and then sudden-like it slapped me silly! It's January! Oh My Gosh!.....and in our family that means one thing only, 'birthday's,' baby! And lot's of them!

January 1st was my Mom's birthday. You know my mom, Vida. I introduced her last May, when I wrote a Mother's day tribute to her. She is a precious woman. Full of life and love and lot's of colorful stories. A great mother, to more than her own. Loved by many! And if she tells you she is shy, don't believe her. Happy Birthday Mama! You are a jewel and I love you with all my heart!

January 8th was Clint's birthday! Clint is our only son, which in fact makes him our favorite son. He has always been a cutie.
In a Speedo.
In the tub.

In the family photo.

In the USMC.In Dress Blues.

In the mirror.

In Kim's wedding. In helping Carter feed critters.

In D.C. with special friends. Happy Birthday to a stellar guy. We respect you.

January 21st was Coach's birthday! Coach, you are a man of excellence. You inspire and motivate many. Your vision and commitment are contagious. Keep it up. You're making a difference. Year, after year, after year. Thanks for caring so much. You are good hearted, wise and admired by all that know you.

I've loved you most of my life. Happy Birthday!...you're still the one.

Well. it's good to be back. I'm wide awake now! Thanks for you patience. Check back Friday.....for two more birthdays.


bunnytrails said...

Hi Sweet friend! Good to have you back! I have MISSED seeing and talking to you as well as reading your blog. SPeaking of birthdays, TODAY is mine!!! I am going to blog about what I woke up to this birthday morning!! Thanks for your sweet comments about the kitchen. It really looks better in person!! Hope to see you soon!! Love you!

Beth said...

So glad you are back! :) Ok, so that has to be the prettiest Sleeping Beauty picture I have EVER seen...where in the heck do you find these things...Love you!!

Rochelle said...

Loved this post.....you have many blessings in your life!
Have a great Texan day!

lyndsay said...

I'm so glad to see you have risen from this deep sleep. I can't wait to see what's coming next.

Michelle said...

I was wondering where you were? I was missing your cute lil' posts!

mary said...

Happy Birthday to everyone! We have a lot of Jan birthdays, too. Kind of hard to get it in gear right after Christmas.

I looked at Nancy Bush's site and love her work. I couldn't find any workshop info. When, how much?...I don't know if I'm more excited for you or for them. You will make the class fun!!

full of gracie said...

Happy B- day to everyone in the Spradlin clan! I am so glad you are back! I too have been in a slump as far as blogging goes. I think it's because I have so much to share but not enough time. On a side note, I also wanted to say "amen" to the part in this post about how many lives Mike has touched while coaching! He really has blessed so many, including me and Holly! I think it is important that he knows that and I hope that Gracie has coaches that are just as special as Mike is!

Joni said...

Missed you! Glad your BACK.
Love ya!

lynnette said...

Finally! I was getting tired of the Happy Anniversary thingy. Hope everyone has had and will have Happy Birthdays this month.
This picture of Sleeping Beauty reminds me of the giant coloring book mom colored in when we were kids. Do you remember it? Well, hope all is well and looking forward to tomorrows post.
Love you.