Sunday, December 14, 2008

A rather sweet day!

Last weekend Beth, Carter and I woke up bright and early, got dressed, threw our bags in the truck and took a little road trip to Fredericksburg. This charming, historic town is a Texas favorite anytime of the year but perhaps even more so at Christmas. Just driving down the main street, surrounded by beautiful German/Texas architecture sets 'my heart a flutter'!
Our first stop was to hug and pick up Carter's other grandmother Donna, (who is precious and better known around here as Nonna)
and head to our favorite eatery, The Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe.
We had a delicious lunch compliments of Nate & Beth and couldn't leave without taking a few things from the bakery case. Oh, O.K! A lot of things! I just couldn't decide, dad-gamut!!! Carter however, knew instantly what she wanted!
A 'Pretty and Pink Shortbread Pig', found on p. 206 of, The Pastry Queen by Rebecca Rather (owner of The Rather Sweet Bakery).

Then Nonna and Carter were off to Nonna's Sunday school Christmas party where Carter was the only child in a house full of women, and shall we say Carter, was well attended! Donna surprised us with an exciting invitation to attend the annual Saint Nicklaus Parade,
later that evening. She said friends had invited us to watch from their balcony. Perfect timing! I was so happy! There is nothing quite like a small town parade.

Meanwhile, Beth and I having nothing to do for a few hours, bee-lined it for the nearest parking space and hit the pavement running! ...yeah,yeah, walking fast! Your such a stickler for the truth. Our first shop, root!
(sorry for the blurry pic, i hate to use it! .....i'm lowering my standards here.... oh! i'm so uncomfortable...maybe i should just delete it? but it's such a cute store... could you just pretend you have a little oily eye make-up remover film on your eyes?) root and it's next door neighbor beulan's, are two of a new breed of stores beginning to pop up on a previously 'country style' main street. Then we mosied on down to Homestead & friends and took a peek inside.
So dark, intriguing and mysterious.

All afternoon we went in and out of the cutest shops.
Buying a little ( i bought pointy-toed red leather boots for me and the cutest striped robe, for Carter). Looking and laughing a lot, we had so much fun!
Quick as a wink, it was parade time and we met Nonna and Carter at a beautiful old home down the street. I just love historic houses and I could hardly wait to get inside. Just through front door was the sweetest nativity scene, in a lighted shadow box. It was so alluring. I bent over to get a closer look....just magical. I wanted to climb in there and see the baby Jesus with my own two eyes. I wanted to touch Him and tell Him how much I love Him.... I slapped my imagination back to reality, snapped a photo and silently pondered the future day when that too would be real.
The original home was built in the 1800's. We walked up antique stairs to the balcony.
What a perfect place to sit, sip hot chocolate and watch the floats go by.

There was nothing 'small town' about this parade. I oooooed and ahhhhed at each twinkly display. Savoring every sight and sound! Thank you Donna, for this unexpected joy and gift.

When the parade was over, we drove back through town, enjoying the colorful lights.
Beth called in a 'to go' order at Hondo's, another great place to eat!
While waiting, we did a little more shopping....window style!
Another hip store....

We had a wonderful day! From start to finish. It was in fact, a rather sweet day!
I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the things that matter most to you. To breathe. To rest. To be thankful. To share and give the best gift you have.....the gift of yourself.


mary said...

What a treat! I went to Fredericksburg without even getting in the car! Thank you...

mary said...

I tagged you for a little game. Just copy the rules and "play" if you want to.

lyndsay said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I felt like I was there. It looks like y'all had a blast! Have a wonderful Christmas! I will miss all of y'all!

Jorgelina said...

That pretty trip! Places with history and much magic. Very pretty blog .
Merry Christmas!
Jorgelina of Argentina