Wednesday, July 30, 2008

thanks for your patience!...a new post is coming very soon. i promise.


Jo Carol said...

Hey Roxanne! I have really missed your posts! Can't wait to see what you have been up to! Also, do you have any of your old doors left that you had at your garage sale? I am in desparate need of some for a booth that Mary and I are trying to get ready at Palazzo Reale. Please call and let me know! Thanks so much! If I am not at home, my cell is 338-7248.

lyndsay said...

I can't wait! I know you have been busy with your grandbaby. I have missed you in cyber space.

lynnette said...

Since Roxie is apparently never going to post again, I will leave you a comment. Sorry I missed your comment on July 2. Our internet went back out after my post that day.
We were on Daufuskie Island, SC and they guy's last name was Woods (I'll try to get his first name). He was from Louisianna and knew Laynce and Jason, he said. I assume thru friends at LSU.
I think he is in the oil business. Really nice young man. Hope your doing well.

Michelle said...

HI Roxanne! Joni sent me your blog and Beth's blog and I love them both! You girls are so cute and crafty! Our neighborhood just hasn't been the same since you left! Take care!

lynnette said...

Oh where, oh where has our dear Roxie gone?
Oh where, oh where could she be?

lyndsay said...

We miss you!