Thursday, February 28, 2008

To create or not to create......that is the question?

I am an artist. I am. I really, really am!

I love colors! It all started with Crayolas. I was six. I wasn't that interested in the coloring books, just crayons. More specifically the colors of the crayons. There is nothing quite like a brand new big box. The one with a sharpener on the back. How I loved looking at them one at a time admiring each beautiful shade, eagar to memorize their colorful names. Sea Green. Cornflower Blue. Carnation Pink. Magenta.........and my very two favorites, Periwinkle and Thistle. A few years later, my sister and I discovered an amazing art form when we melted crayons on top of the light sconces above our bed. I was hooked.
Now that I'm all grown up, I love to paint. I paint on walls, ceilings, domes, niche's and old furniture. I use to paint on stretched canvas with oil paints and copal painting medium but that was before I realized how much money I could make with 'decorative' painting. It's been alot of fun working with creative designers in many amazing homes.
Something for the rustic Lake House or Cabin:

Furniture provides a nice unexpected canvas:

Walls provide endless opportunities:

A modern twist created on canvas:

Lately, however, I begun to yearn for the oils and the easel. For the discipline and the challenge.

So recently, with the help of my glorious friends, we cleaned out my garage and turned it into a 'real live' working art studio. Well, almost, just one more productive day of cleaning and organizing and I'll be squeezing out those oil paints. Admiring each beautiful pigment, one tube at a time. Sap Green. Ultramarine Blue. Thalo Rose. Yellow Ochre. Alizarin Crimson. I'll keep you posted. I can hardly wait!


Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Welcome to Blogland!



B E T H said...

Mommy--I love your BLOG! I'm so proud of you! Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

Hey Glory Girl!!!

Love the blog! So happy that I got to be a part of helping the artist (You!) in creating the space where your art studio was born. That was a fun day wasn't it! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful pieces of art that will be created in your special place.

God Bless and Happy Painting!

Love and Hugs,
Glory Girl Cindy

Roxanne said...


Thank you so much for your vision and willingness to turn my 'overstuffed' garage into an amazing studio! Thank you for enthusiastically climbing into the trenches and leading the charge...with tenderness,grace and a tiara, I might add. Big hug to you and the Glory girls...Roxanne

Brandy said...

Hi Roxanne,

I am so thrilled to see some of your work! It truly is magical, beautiful, and inspiring! Please keep blogging! The world will be a better place by getting to know you.


lyndsay said...

Alright Kim and Clint where you at? I love your blog Roxy Your talent amazes me more and more everytime I see it. I love the pics. you posted. I miss all of y'all so much. I hope all is well. I can't wait to see more. Love you.

Kimberly said...

berry happy fairy if you ask me.....